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Sooo... I haven't had much sleep this week, what with Power Shift on the weekend (which was amazing!), seeing the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince midnight premiere at the IMAX and then going straight into a 13-hour work day... BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. HBP was a wonderful movie, alternately funny and touching and dramatic and with some gorgeous cinematography. My main gripe would be the lack of Harry vs Snape duel at the end (where was "DON'T CALL ME COWARD"!?!) but in the end, out of all the characters it was Draco's stellar performance who stole the show for me :]

Also, he really knows how to work that suit.

(and sort of reminds me of a young Ozymandias...)

The rest of this entry is whiny crap, so feel free to ignore (surprise surprise, I'm insecure and emo!)

Mainly that I don't feel like an artist or that I belong on DA, no matter how hard I try. I try to get involved and discover new artists (and there is a LOT of amazing stuff *___*) and comment and give feedback, because hey, it's a nice thing to do if I like someone's work, and obviously I don't do it for the sake of getting feedback back, but when I notice that I get one or two messages for every forty I give out, and that other people's quick sketches get near 100 favourites or more while I'd be lucky to hit five on something that I've spent hours on, it makes me wonder whether my stuff is even worse than I think it is, and if I should just stop embarrassing myself and wasting time because I seem to be going backwards. (is there something unlikeable about my style? colouring? lack thereof?)

ARGHHH, I think I've hit a dead end here. I just wish I had some sort of talent, in any field, but after all these tries, still nothing.

(This is not a fish for forced compliments, I'm aware that my gallery is -- hopefully -- passable but isn't anything special. But it's just a bit discouraging when stuff with even less basic anatomy than mine gets more attention, which makes me realise my stuff really must be VERY VERY bad T___T)
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Okay, this is probably a really stupid question, but what is the difference between oekaki/tegaki/pchat etc? and can anyone just... join? @___@ I've seen them mentioned a lot but have no idea about how to join in, they look fun and seem to be where a lot of people make their friends on DA |D I'm so loooonely here orz :saddrunk: ( ... a-any recommendations? XD)

Though I suppose it's a good thing, because like I need more procrastination tools :la: XD
Hiii, I'm sort of back~! /crickets chirp in background (what... she was gone?) ^^; I still have one exam to go, but just wanted to thank you for 100 watchers! (O_O*) I know it's not much compared to... pretty much everyone else, but I really appreciate it :hug: So thank you~!! *showers with sparkles* I hope to be worthy of the honour one day... >//<

Also, I've fallen in love with the adorable, epic crack that is ☆HETALIA☆ so there will probably be a lot of inappropriate fanart dump in the future XD

How have you been going? :meow:
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I'm sorry for not being around DA yet again .___. Uni is being overwhelming, and I really dread looking at my gallery, so I'm going on hiatus for a while until I improve enough to make something actually artistic and with feeling, instead of crack or blandness.

<3 and fight on!
O-OH MY, WATCHMEN WAS FREAKING BRILLIANT. I thought it was a surprisingly good adaptation, and I could watch it again and again and again -- particularly for Ozymandias, who pushes my morally ambiguous villain buttons in ALL the right ways. AKFJHLSDGHksjdhflf well, there goes my brain, or whatever was left of it.

So uh, expect a lot of horrific art dump in the near future!

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Nuuu, I've been neglecting dA again after getting back into reading like a madwoman (and finally beginning to make a dent in my massive To Read pile~)

Do you have any book recommendations? (fantasy, general literature, anything goes!)
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I've joined :iconsecret-sweethearts:, a gift exchange project for Valentine's. I'm usually very apathetic towards this holiday (at least, the sugary romantic part) but this project is a really sweet idea :aww:

To my sweetheart,

Thank you for reading this! ^^ Any of the following would be lovely:

:heart: Naruto and Sasuke from Naruto

:heart: Zuko and Katara from Avatar

:heart: Mukuro and Tsuna from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

:heart: Yamamoto and Gokudera from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

:heart: Simon and Rossiu from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

:heart: Ken and Daisuke from Digimon 02

:heart: Suzaku and Lelouch from Code Geass

Or you can do any of the mentioned characters on their own, or just something with fire XD Hopefully there are enough choices, and thank you very much again! :hug:
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Oh look, it's my birthday. I feel old already D:

My birthdays have always been pretty fail and depressing, so this year I want to give something away instead.

For the first six people to reply, I'll draw you a request :aww: (if you want my fugly stuff ahahahah.) Be as detailed or random as you want! Six because it's an awesome number, and I don't have very many watchers haha 8D GO GO GO!


1. :iconxuelian: -->
2. :iconneotaco: --> Lelouch (Code Geass) in imperial clothes + Lelouch/Alucard
3. :iconfire-star-spirit: --> Uryuu Ishida (Bleach) :3
4. :iconxzetta: --> Raziel (original character)
5. :iconkatzypotter: --> Zutara (Avatar) + steambabies :heart:
6. :iconrennie-chan: --> Zukaang (Avatar) goodness!
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Farewell, 2008! Ack, I've been neglecting dA over the holidays, but one of my resolutions is to practice and improve artwise, even if that will most likely fail haha :XD: I also hope to get better grades, lose weight and be a better friend (pretty typical eh...) :hug:

I really like the new beta profile layout! It's very shiny and customisable :aww:

Also, I... I think I'm belatedly falling into the vortex of Naruto love. Why didn't I read this series earlier!?

So, how are your resolutions and holidays going?

✩ ALL THE BEST FOR 2009! ✩
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Woot! I've finally finished the Aziraphale+Crowley art trade, ajensus! Again I apologise for it taking so long (and it really isn't worth the wait) D:

But despite the fail, trades are fun, now that it's holidays I would love to do more :dance:

I'm on a Neil Gaiman kick again after reading The Graveyard Book, which is wonderful and quite inspiring. I wish I could be irrational enough to change my path in life. But alas, I continue to be mediocre in fields where I have no talent T__T (guess which!?)

I've also finished watching Gundam Wing for the first time and am addicted. (ZECHS!!!11) Oh great, more fanart-bunnies... :noes:

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Oh hay what's this, an organised entry! 8D bahahaha~ :mwahaha:

UPDATES ✩ mmm delicious spam ✩
✭ Welcome Demandred and Lanfear to the crew! (let's all put away the dastardly scheming and be friends, 'kay? xD)
✭ Plotting kiriban for Moiraine
✭ and Aziraphale+Crowley trade with ajensus :hug:
✭ open for trades and shiny things!

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Whoa... I've had a dA account lying around since two years ago, but never got around to actually using it. So here goes! Most of the stuff here is quite old and dodgy, but I'm inspired by all the (far superior) creativity on dA to start drawing again. :D Run for the hills!! >__>