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Hi guys! Wow, I haven't used this journal for ages, but just an announcement that I've finally gotten my things organised and opened a Redbubble shop for shirts, mugs, phone cases and other non-print items! :D (yes, I know it's a hundred years too late OTL)

I'm just trialling it out with some older Star Wars stuff, but am planning to add new art/designs to it soon! Thanks again for all your support and advice on this :D

MTFBWY! Day50 - High-Face 

... OKAY SO I haven't actually used this journal feature for years, and this is probably a terrible way to start, but!! I have a weird question to ask, because I’ve had this really random urge to draw a set of Star Wars-related tarot cards for a new project :D A lot of characters seem to fit really well, but I have an admittedly limited knowledge of tarot, and I’m not too sure about some of these choices, especially the ones with question marks. It would be very very awesome if anyone had any comments or ideas too (I’m trying to keep it within movie canon if possible, just for simplicity!) 

0. The Fool - Luke Skywalker 
(Beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, a free spirit)

I. The Magician - Anakin Skywalker
(Power, skill, concentration, action, resourcefulness)

II. The High Priestess Shmi Skywalker??
(Intuition, higher powers, mystery, subconscious mind)

III. The Empress - Padme Amidala
(Fertility, femininity, beauty, nature, abundance)

IV. The Emperor - Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine
(Authority, father-figure, structure, solid foundation)

V. The Hierophant - Yoda
(Religion, group identification, conformity, tradition, beliefs)

VI. The Lovers - Anakin and Padme
(Love, union, relationships, values alignment, choices)

VII. The Chariot - Millenium Falcon
(Control, will power, victory, assertion, determination)

VIII. Strength - Leia Organa
(Strength, courage, patience, control, compassion)

IX. The Hermit - Old Ben Kenobi
(Soul-searching, introspection, being alone, inner guidance)

X. Wheel of Fortune - Duel of the Fates (Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan vs Maul)
(Good luck, karma, life cycles, destiny, a turning point)

XI. Justice - Obi-Wan or Mace Windu?
(Justice, fairness, truth, cause and effect, law)

XII. The Hanged Man - Han Solo in carbonite trololol
(Suspension, restriction, letting go, sacrifice)

XIII. Death - Darth Vader
(Endings, beginnings, change, transformation, transition)

XIV. Temperance - Jedi or The Force
(Balance, moderation, patience, purpose, meaning)

XV. The Devil - Darth Sidious or the Sith in general?
(Bondage, addiction, sexuality, materialism) - er, ignoring the sexuality part here...

XVI. The Tower - Jedi Temple / Order 66
(Disaster, upheaval, sudden change, revelation)

XVII. The Star - Luke & Leia and Rebel Alliance/X-Wings?
(Hope, spirituality, renewal, inspiration, serenity)

XVIII. The Moon - Death Star
(Illusion, fear, anxiety, insecurity, subconscious)

XIX. The Sun - Tatooine suns?? I have no idea…
(Fun, warmth, success, positivity, vitality)

XX. Judgement - Duel on Death Star II
(Judgement, rebirth, inner calling, absolution)

XXI. The World - Luke, Leia & Han together on Endor
(Completion, integration, accomplishment, travel)

... aaand that's it so far! PLEASE HALP?? or just tell me this is a stupid idea haha

;___; I think my tablet is starting to die, after years of faithful service :( I hope it'll keep kicking for a bit longer, but it's not responding more and more often and getting pretty scratched in some areas...

eep, I haven't had to think about ever replacing it, but now that there's a Wacom Intuos 4 and Intuos 5, is there any advice on if there is a big difference between the two (apart from price :XD:), or recommendations for tablets in general? ahaha, I'm still forever a n00b... *clings to tablet* ><"
Hi guys! Wow, it's been... about a year since my last update, does anyone even remember me? ;_; *brushes off dust* but hello and thank you to my new watchers! :huggle: (how did this even happen?!)

Anyway, part of the reason for my lack of existence was that I've been working on my final year thesis while working full-time, which has made the past year a really hectic and crazy time >< But I've finally finished university, and am now (fingers crossed) going to be a graduate engineer! :D

But now that I'm freeee from study forever, I'm most excited about finally being able to spend more time working on art and design, because I've really missed it and have all these backlogged terrible ideas that I need to gain many many more skill levels to be able to do at all ;_; So prepare for more spaaaam~ (especially of the Korra/Avengers/Game of Thrones variety) while my tablet is still alive...

... if you haven't fallen asleep through all that yet, let me know how you've been! :huggle: I'm also flailing around being lost and lonely on tumblr (what is yours, if I'm not already following you? xD) :heart:

NO WAYYYY :iconiwantitplz:
H-HI GUYS :la:

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and that it continues into the new year~ It's scary to realise that another year has almost gone already... and the last time I updated was half a year ago?! ;A; I'd be surprised if anyone remembers or still reads this thing haha, but thank you so much for sticking around <333

Anyway, to summarise the reasons for my procrastination - I was in my very first revue/stage show, which was an amazing experience! Of course it also took over my life for quite a bit of the semester, so the rest of it was spent madly cramming for exams and assignments that I'd been putting off... ironically enough, I ended up doing better than usual in the end. o_O Perhaps it was the stress? :XD: And after the end of exams came the catching up with friends, movies, outings, factories with lasers, and crocheting a load of Christmas presents XD (it's really addictive, and much faster than knitting!)

Sadly, actual Christmas has never been particularly festive around here, and my stocking was literally empty (n-not even coal?! -_-) but it was a nice time to relax and finally catch up on sleep~ AND MAYBE EVEN DRAWING (zomg :noes:) It's definitely one of the things I've missed about this year, apart from reading...

Despite the bizarrely high levels of socialising (and even finding a boy, what is this madness), I still feel a bit lost and alone, I suppose. Ah, the human condition. I really need to work on at least getting a skill that I can be happy with.

But on a brighter note! What are your plans for New Years Eve? :meow:
H-hello journal, long time no see! Okay so a big part of the reason why I'm mired in mediocrity is probably because I update so sporadically instead of being consistent. ;-; FFFF I'd planned to get more drawing done during the winter break, but ended up procrastinating - even on the fun things! HOW DOES THAT WORK I DON'T EVEN.

Now semester has started, so it's back to engineering and maths and waking up at ungodly hours of the morning. xD I'm also going to be in revue cast, which is pretty time-consuming but has been a very fun experience so far! (trying to get over my chronic shyness and complete lack of musical talent orz)

ANYWAY~ *fails at DA*

How have your holidays been? :>
HI GUYS :la:

I'm participating in the Gulf oil spill relief auction on LJ -- it's an awesome idea, basically you bid for a custom piece of art/fanfic/etc from a certain person, except the funds go towards a charity of your choice that is working on cleaning up the BP oil spill. So, it's like a commission for a good cause! :D AND you get shiny arts, so it's win-win for everyone~ (FAQ on how it works.)

SOO~ even though I doubt anyone would want to pay for my art orz, I have a thread here (bid for the environment, or out of pity?! XDD)

Or if you're participating as well, link your thread here! <3


Man, this World Cup is heartbreaking. We were going so well before being given that red card! (which I think was uncalled for, WTF is with the refs in this round?!?!) Still, it was a good effort and at least we didn't lose this time, hahaha. <3 Although our chances for getting into the top 16 are slim... :noes:

Final exams are creeping around the corner, so clearly now is the best time to procrastinate. X) *cleans up profile page* Conveniently, the World Cup is right in the middle of this exam period... and I'm watching it for the first time. EVER. (yeah, I fail at sports. if it weren't for peer pressure and Hetalia... XD) But it's actually surprisingly exciting!

My favourite team is Germany, even though I'll probably be called a traitor since they thrashed Australia 4-0 (who I hope will at least get into the next round so we're less of a laughing stock OTL but somehow I'm not holding my breath.) XD South Korea were also good, though I suppose I should root for Argentina lest maticoco attacks my house with bats or something. (and hey, I do like their uniforms! ahahah.)

SO!! If you're watching the World Cup, what teams are you rooting for? :la: Any players I should look out for?! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!
Just tossing my two cents into the fountain, but I actually quite like the new design! It's simple and clean and I have this weakness for smooth gradients. xD I sense that I'm in the minority though... *hides from bricks*

Also, I think the art pages look much nicer than they did before! The "remove from messages" button is handy, along with the pop-up navigation bar, but I can't find where to add a picture to a collection instead of favourites?

Maybe I'm missing something obvious here, but gotta run to uni... and an Optimisation test that I've barely crammed for OTL :noes:

OH HEY THERE, DA looks so shiny and clean now! *O* This is... probably old news for everyone and their hamster but I love the comment stacks and fanclubs :la:

WHY ARE THERE LLAMAS IN MY INTERNETS?? I'm sorry, you're gonna get spammed with belated comments and llamas for now, bahahaha X)

WHY IS IT THAT I ONLY UPDATE TO APOLOGISE FOR NOT UPDATING ORZZZ :cries: Maybe because I ramble too much on LJ already...

AAAND I also have a formspring account, ask me anything~ X3
This space is intentionally left blank. XD
omgahhh I really should stop hiding from DA and letting messages and deviations rise up to OVER 9000 600 :noes: I've been pwned by uni and sleep deprivation, but I will persevere!! thank you very much to everyone who still visits this dusty corner ;u;

how did it get past 4am...

but more importantly, how has life been treating you? :D
So, Animania 2009 on Saturday was the first time I went cosplaying in a group X3 It was a lot of fun, though I don't think many people recognised the War of Austrian Succession costumes, there were some other awesome Hetalia cosplayers too! I spotted a Finland, Russia, Hungary and also a Lithuania towards the end... :D

There are photos over this way:… (I'm the Austria~ XD now you can see how fugly I am ahaha)

Thanks to Frostickle for letting me borrow his violin, which I can't actually play orz I really wish I could though ;____;

ALSO it is midsession break!! o/ Unfortunately it's only one week long, in which I need to cram for three exams and finish two assignments :noes: Not really much of a break...! D: D: D:
Ahhhh, sorry for my quietness around here lately! ;____; Been snowed under with uni, and now I'm sick on top of that orz But I am slooowly getting through my message box (so sorry if you get a really late reply XDD)

Anyway, I've been seeing the Critique feature being used a lot recently, and I really would like to use it except the whole scoring system puts me off .___. idk, I just don't feel comfortable putting a rigid, quantitative value on something that I take in qualitatively, and conversely, having my stuff "marked" as it were would start to make me value it on the same level as tests and other stressful things. I guess the point is that I wish we could just have Critique without the need for scoring as well >___<" Ah well...

I've also been busy working on my Austria costume for Animania cosplay (our group has the War of Austrian Succession versions of England, Hungary, Austria, and Bad Friends Trio -- Prussia, France and Spain XDD) Is anyone in Sydney going to Animania? Say hi if so!! :D
Oh dear, I'm addicted to Hetalia AMVs *___*

Love Save the Empty and You Raise Me Up

are my absolute favourites (such fitting songs and wonderful timing! I could watch them again and again <3)

Seriously, this fandom has some of the most beautiful, emotive fanart that I have ever ever seen...


So, on topic: what are your favourite AMVs? (from any series!) :meow:
EDIT: Just a note that there are five spots still open! =]

So to share the love, have a meme that's making the rounds :la: Thank you raesquared for the feature!

1- I will add the first 14 people to comment on this journal to the Promotional List.
2- For each of those 14 people, I will put their avatar and three deviations I like from their gallery on the list.
3- If I feature you, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing this way the list with 14 people.

:la: GO GO GO :la: (yes I am waaay too addicted to this emoticon orz)

1. :iconraesquared:………
2. :iconnsuh:………
3. :iconliadeia:………
4. :iconartemis-elric:………
5. :icongoten0040:………
6. :iconanimepotter4eva:………
7. :iconajensus:………
8. :iconfeatherwriter:………
9. :iconfleance:………
10. :iconazraellucard:………
11. :iconelmida:………
12. :iconladysugarquill:………
Haha, it looks like Ravenclaw has just taken the lead from Slytherin in the poll:… :XD: Interestingly, Gryffindor is lagging behind even though it's usually by far the most popular House... perhaps like attracts like in this corner of the interwebs? XD

Anyhow, I've been reading Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve which is an excellent YA/fantasy book (flying cities! post-apocalyptic steampunk! many ambiguous characters!) which is probably the first in the genre that has really captured my imagination since Harry Potter. Unfortunately, it is much more depressing, and it seems all I have been reading is depressing war fiction.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it would be nice to have an... upbeat read for a change ^^; Do you have any relatively ~light-hearted~ YA/fantasy books to recommend? (not that soul-crushing things can't happen once in a while, but some rays of hope would be nice -- something with a tone similar to HP...?)
Just posting to get rid of that last entry from the front page... XD;; But thank you for the undeservedly kind response to my wangst :huggle:

So on a happier note, let's talk about stuff we like! List your three current favourite fandoms (whether it's anime, books, games, movies, anything goes), your three favourite characters and if you're the shipping type, three favourite pairings from each of those fandoms!

GO GO GO :la:

(and last but not least, THANK YOU X 9000 to :iconmoiraine: for the subscription, you are too kind :worship:)

:bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue: my response~ :bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletred:

:bulletgreen: Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger
:bulletpurple: Harry/Draco, Snape/Lily, Albus/Gellert, I also have epic love for the Harry + Snape dynamic though that's more platonic recently...

:bulletgreen: Austria (Roderich), Germany (Ludwig), America (Alfred)
:bulletpurple: Germany/Italy, Germany/Prussia, Austria/Hungary(/Prussia) OT3

:bulletgreen: Zuko, Katara, Mai -- yes this is possible guys. also, Toph = :worship:
:bulletpurple: Zuko/Katara, Zuko/Mai, Iroh/Tea CANON :dummy: